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We cased a new place to gather this weekend. It is a bit of oceanside reclaimed by wilderness, one of NYC’s mostly-forgotten places. ” ((” Google Earth is the party planner’s friend. “))”

Looking ahead two weeks to the planned party, the idea was to spend a night at the location with a few people, their tents, a generator, and very loud music, all to observe how The Authorities would react. Daunting logistics delayed the completion of our set up until a few hours before dawn – later than hoped, but without interruption.

Indeed, things went so smoothly that we remained there for most of the next day, basking in the sun, listening to music, eating, drinking, dancing, playing in the surf. I noticed that other beachgoers within hearing of the sound system enjoying the free music, too. Families, young couples, some kind of prayer group, a man homesick for the beaches of Jamaica — they found the music irresistable.

So things look well for the main event on July 22nd. Paradigm is flying in from San Fransisco to play a sunrise set. If the weather holds out, we are going to be treated to the best psytrance party New York has seen in years.


Posted: July 11, 2006


Category: East Coast


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