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Via Ektoplazm: “Octopus Marmalade is an exploration of the light and funky side of progressive psychedelic trance. These tracks have been chosen for their intricate rhythmic programming, deep and groovy bass lines, warm summer melodies, and laidback atmospheres. Instead of being a peak-time party mix, this one is crafted with smooth harmonic mixes for background listening in the car or at home. Enjoy!”


01 :: TetraktysBurning Palace [Groove Zone]
02 :: AuricularBrilliant Cut [Plusquam]
03 :: GaudiumWalking in Circles [Spiral Trax]
04 :: ElementGo This Way [Avalanche]
05 :: TiconGroovin the Bed [Digital Structures]
06 :: KoolerAwake [Kamaflage]
07 :: VibrasphereFunk the Trunk [Dragonfly]
08 :: FrogacultBack to the Woods [Iboga]
09 :: MagnetrixxFiligran [AP]
10 :: KiwaSidechained [Surreal Audio]
11 :: TegmaWandala [Plusquam]
12 :: BuzzmonxAll You Can Eat [Plusquam]
13 :: NASASomeone to Watch Over Me [Domo]
14 :: JaïaEyengui [Digital Structures]
15 :: MotionInterference [Sub.Machine]
16 :: HallucinogenBubble ‘n Tweak [Solstice]
17 :: Alternate Vision vs Z-ManBack to Reality [Turbo Trance]


Posted: July 31, 2006


Category: Music

  1. Basilisk says:

    Thanks for the link-up!

    • Pao says:

      I would say yes to that, except that ROM Check Fail only mixes and mahtecs patterns that it knows will work together. A proper game generator in my mind could possibly make a game that was entirely unplayable, or at least very very hard to play and beat.Swapping known components is one way of generating a game, and that’s kinda what I was expecting for this. But what if there was a game that went futher? That swapped not only known and tested components with untested and wild ways of manipulating the data. I don’t even know what controls could be added, it’s the sort of thing that could occupy a person for a long time.And I ain’t got no time.

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