the collective birthday

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This weekend saw a surprisingly successful party in the sandy wastes of Jersey, the sort that results only from fortuitous timing and perfect planning. The brains and machines needed for the twelve hour party came from Philly, New York, as far as Boston beyond.

We arrived late, well past four, but still in time to watch the night recede and the shadowy figures in the circle become people again. Then the sun rose in its full summer majesty and proceeded to sear everyone trapped in the clearing below, so a caravan of prudent souls retreated to the lake secluded a few miles away. Once the sooty grey sand had been removed from body, clothes, crevices, and gear it was time to go home.

A quick trip for us this time. Much thanks and appreciation go out to the PSIpeople for this occasion, their collective’s fifth birthday.


Posted: July 16, 2006


Category: East Coast


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