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Dreamspace is an art installation, a photo op, and inspiration for art decoists everywhere. The English artist Maurice Agis interconnected 115 PVC cells (( The cloth, a flexible latex polymer, is the same type of material used for decoration at psychedelic trance parties, although those pieces, much smaller, are colored fluorescent, neon with black lighting. The only lighting Agis uses is that of the sun. )), pods comprising an airy mass of color, shadow, and motion through which visitors can wander. Dreamspace@flickr

Red, blue, yellow, grey and green stretched plastic, supported not only by a frame but by the air that flows through the breathable structure. Visitors must remove shoes and don jedi-like robes, also PVC, in a color of one’s temprament choosing.

Unfortunately at the latest London-area deployment of the organic piece – an errant gust of air actually lifted the structure over 30 feet from the ground while visitors and the artist were inside the structure, killing two and injuring more.

Although the artist has been showing the piece for over 20 years at innumerable sites, this has not happened before, and police are calling it a “freak accident,” ((A witnessing officer referred to it as a ‘bouncy castle’)) and are open to the idea that vandals loossed the ropes. Suspiciously, misfortune struck the artist two weeks eariler at a Liverpool showing of the piece when a gang of Phillisitines slashed through the walls.

Hopefully an enterprising psytrancer in the UK will invite Mr. Agis and one of his surviving Dreamspaces to a party. Maybe a workshop for the psychedelic deco artists out there, to pass on the technique?


Posted: July 24, 2006


Category: Art


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