Shpongle in NY Harbor

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A friend just informed me that Simon Postford will be visiting NYC next Thursday, the 24th of August. He’ll be playing a Shpongle DJ set for a three-hour boat party with deco courtesy of the Manhattan skyline. Not a full dance-until-dawn trance party per se, but more of a psychedelic appetizer to get the weekend started. There are, after all, two festivals ((Cha3ka and Camp Bisco)) within driving distance of the city starting the next day.

John-Emmanuel Gartmann gets the karma for arranging this little gem of an experience. He’s pushing an aggressive schedule of late-summer events to mark Tsunami’s ten-year anniversary in New York and, coincidentally, psytrance’s ten-year anniversary in the United States.


Posted: August 13, 2006


Category: East Coast

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