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shpongle headI am just home from the Shpongle boat cruise in Hudson Harbor. John-Emmanuel, Luis, and co. successfully organized a novel experience for a few hundred trancers, CoSMites, Postford devotees, Body Templars, and Bisco kids.

The cruise was slightly shorter than the advertised three hours, but even just two-and-a-half hours of Shpongle mixed with Hallucinogen left everyone quite pleased; the massive sound system left us dazed but only slightly deafened. Watching the Manhattan skyline unfold to Simon’s warped sounds for a solid five minutes was worth the price of admission alone.


Since few of the local community veterans were present, this marked the first floating trance party for most present. The crowd was very couple-heavy, as the time constraints made it a perfect date for the psychedelically-inclined-yet-not-ready-for-a-fullon-party people. The youthful enthusiasm in the voices and faces around me recalled to mind my own times at Tsunami parties past.

UPDATE: A gallery finally turned up on isratrance.

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Posted: August 25, 2006


Category: Weird

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  1. Oh how I would’ve loved to be there!! I cannot begin to imagine the vibe, the view and the music. I am sure mr Simon showed his best as always! He could do the same here in the UK.

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