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Via NYC604: One of our local trancers, Rebecca, emailed her thoughts on the Boom! festival. It is good to know that a few friends represent us — carrying our goodwill — at what is arguably the pinnacle of all psychedelic trance festivals.

Greetings from BOOM!

Hellow, so wonderful being here at BOOM! It’s like a psychedelic resort! Lots of places to swim, cloudless skies everyday, food aplenty (portions are huge!) bamboo showers, workshops, gallery, a daily paper called the Daily Dragon, and the music is steller indeed.

We do the Freakshow tomorrow night, been busy building the stage and getting lights and stuff together. Lots of work but doing it with love in my heart. We’re so gonna rock the show. Saw Pedro here on the dancefloor. He told me Sharon was here. Haven’t seen Charlie and Mio yet but I’m sure I’ll be bumping into them soon. Blacklight is loving being here too, he’ll be dancing for the freakshow. So glad he said yes. After Boom we go the the official afterparty called UTOPIA. Omananda is doing visuals there and we have a Freakshow bus so onwards- The internet cafe here is small and well hidden- there’s is a love connection going on, worldwide…

BOOMing it!

Sounds big, Burning Man big. It may even be better, if only for the truly international culture. Let’s face it — Burners are obnoxious, in an endearingly-American sort of way.

  • Link (Festival homepage)
  • Link (Afterparty page)

Posted: August 6, 2006


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