28thday: when Two parties become One

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A full day’s psytrance party will come around on the weekend of the 19th-20th. The new collective, 6362metaforce, starts the weekend off with its first party. They hope to offer a uniquely international taste, a return to the spirit of goa trance, back when the two kinds of music were “morning” and “night.” They will likely specialize in the night part, and do it rightly.

Brooklyn Summer Stomp

SOFIAX (Discovalley Records/Insomnia Records/Mental Cruelty Records)
DAKSINAMURTI (Shiva Space Technology)
BRANDON ADAMS (Dreamcatcher)
YIDAM (Divine Balance/Bengaliens), RACHEL Live on FLUTE (6362MetaForce)

The metaforce party runs until 7am, at which point the free day party begins, courtsey of the psytrance community itself. Metaforce organized a party to introduce itself to the locals, and a number of individuals within the community stepped forward to pay for the day’s performances. An otherwise abbreviated gathering will be transformed into a full day of psychedelic partying — which is more in the spirit of a real goa experience.
Prog in the Park

OSIRIS INDRIYA (Iboga Records | Oracle Gatherings | IOSIS Art Party)
D-SPACE (LIVE) (Jay and Steve, Soular Records | D-Space Studios New England)
EQUISOL (PsyBooty Records | D-Space Studios SW, Florida)
KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind | PSI, Philadelphia)

Be sure to get your rest on Friday; you won’t stop dancing until Sunday night.
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Posted: August 3, 2006


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