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I’ll consider penning my own subjective experience of day, but for now the aggregate opinion will stand in its stead. It was a truly amazing party in all, the highlight of the year and easily on my “Top 10 Trance Party” list. Below are a few of the community’s responses to the “Prog in the Park” party (via Isratrance):Frenzy in the Park

There is hope for this city, maybe even this world. Life is a glorious gift. Yesterday reminded me.


Dancing in the Park

I haven’t been to a party for ages not to say an outdoor one. Yesterday was a reminder why once I loved it so much, the party was In the middle of a jungle, yes it was a concrete jungle but you can call a park in Bedford Stuyvesant jungle. It was out doors (I don’t know how the guys from 28th day production got the permit), under a sunny (mostly) sky and we were dancing bare feet people.

sunday afternoon

The interesting part was that the locals di ,oh and all the technical stuff like good sound, great music, smiling beautifuldn’t know what hit them, a bunch of long hair/tattooed/colorful hippies dancing in the middle of a day to a boomingsound of progressive/psycadelic trance, there was a little “fence” surrounding the big lawn that was the “stage” and they were standing behind it for quite a wile, looking at us thinking … who cares what they were thinking. I think they had fun too.

Introduction to Hoooping

Oh and to those people who called this event the after party, no way!!!It was the main event, the main event of the summer in NYC.


We just came and were us, the locals came out and were just who they are, and it worked out great, we all came together and had a beutiful day, no more, no less. That is the essence of the beauty of Sunday. Now the challange is to focus on and hold on to that love and live by it.

Tony Unorthodox


I am still letting the whole experience sink in as I am sitting in another airport on my way to Tokyo. The 28thday crew really pulled off something special. I am so happy I got to participate in the event and in a part of the permitting process. I fully believe that the integration with the locals was a next level expression of the universal language of music. Thank you to all who made this event possible, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Scott from 28th Day also wrote:

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out and helped make Prog in the Park such a ridiculously good time this past Sunday! This was truly a communal creation, and we would also like to acknowledge the following individuals for their support:

Aaron, Anrei, Ben, Dandraver, Guy, Mayur, Pat, Pedro, Ron, Sahil, Stas, Steve, Vlad, Zev, the entire 28thday and psyNY crew, all the DJs and producers, the NYC parks department, NYPD Community Affairs, everyone who helped us set up and tear down, and the local Brooklyn community. Also extra special thanks to Joanne for negotiating with Mother Nature some unexpected beautiful weather!

Tumbling Trancer
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Posted: August 22, 2006


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