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Time for the seasons to change again, almost. We have one month left to dance under the open skies before the cold forces East Coast psytrancers back into lofts, warehouses, and clubs. Now, with CKA3KA just behind us, there remains in September two regional festivals; Samadhi in the north, outside of Montreal, and KaPow in the southern forests of Asheville, NC. There will of course be smaller local events during the month for those who do not wish to travel quite so far from home.

The young Samadhi Festival runs Sept. 1-4, this coming weekend, in the rural countryside outside of Montreal. This is the first year they are bringing in major talent
Kapow! Festival Flyer

Kapow! runs later in September, and is the follow-up festival to last year’s PowWow. This is one gathering I can personally recommend. TOUCH Samadhi is a talented crew, and their events reflect a deep understanding of the communal spirit of psytrance. The Deerfields is a magical place, a bit of uncut indigenous American forest preserved and gently modified by druidlike hippie landowners.

Closer to home, 28th Day will be throwing a beach party Sept. 9th. They have not yet announced the new location or lineup; check their site in the coming days for the announcement.

Rumor has it that X-Dream and Krumelur will be visiting us here in New York come the end of September. They will not be performing in a hideous commercial club, either, but in something of a more spiritual location.

  • Link (northeastern festival)
  • Link (southeastern festival)
  • Link (28th Day Productions)

Posted: August 29, 2006


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