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The New York psytrance community received a bit of good news: The psytrance collective 28th Day is having another one of its parties held at Alex Grey‘s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. The ‘CoSMosis’ event on the night of September 16th is a return of the collaboration that brought NY scene its memorable parties in early 2006. We can only hope that the two will continue the trend into the future, and bring more artists to visit us in the only psychedelic safe-house in the city.

Jeff Whitmore had this to say about the collective’s recent initiatives:

I am so glad [28th Day] is doing not only big things but innovat[ive] things. That’s why you won’t see the DMT this summer. We were needed back in 2004-2005 but not now, [which is] like the 2002-2003 Omnitribe daaaaaze.


Jan MullerX-Dream‘s Jan Müller will be joining us as DJ, while Fredrik Larsson will perform as Krumelur live. The former I am well-acquainted with, the latter comes with high praise from the progressively-inclined.

  • Link (X-Dream/G-Records)
  • Link (Krumelur)
  • Link (online tickets & more information)

Posted: August 31, 2006


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