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Its been a good year for ethenogenic awareness; it has seen a number of encouraging reports in the general media directly contradicting years of “common sense” understandings of psychedelic experimentation.

First came the LSD Symposium in early spring, bringing together the global village’s academics and enthusiasts for a research festival (if you will). The benefits of that gathering will be with the psychedelic community for years to come.

Next came a report confirming the positive effects of LSD and psilocybin on cluster headaches in February.

A number of reports the results of a Hopkins study on the subjective mystical states experienced during psilocybin use, perhaps indicating that they may not be subjective at all. Later picked up by mainstream media, the report stimulated some insightful discussions around the ‘net.

Most recently, the (obviously) progressive drug policy officer in Vancouver announced plans to explore psychedelic research as a way to treat clinical depression in his city.

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Posted: August 16, 2006


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