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The first rule of throwing outlaw (or ‘renegade’) parties is adaptability; the second is good communication.

These axioms were tested this past weekend, when the 28th Day beach party was halted before it even began. A concerned citizen in the park spotted the crew moving sound equipment in and notified the Relevant Authorities.

Or, as the official 28th Day press release put it,

In their official statement, 28th Day admitted that

“…despite our extensive countersurveillance measures, we were invited to examine the possibility that that dune does not, in fact, belong to us, but to a network of male prostitutes who did not share our collective enthusiasm for the event. We hope nobody actually went out there.”

Fortunately the bust happened early in the evening. The crew relayed the news on to other, net-connected allies, who reactly quickly and notified most attendees before travelled far into Brooklyn. Diverted successfully, the party thus continued indoors, at the trance commune hidden in the depths of the city.

A surprising amount of trancers turned up, defying the absurd rules that prevented us from enjoying what little outdoor space New York offers. Competition and politics were cast briefly aside for the occasion, as both the Metaforce and Alladin Project organizers showed their solidarity with 28th Day.

Colin OOOD did not get to play on the beach as he had originally hoped, but he did get to revisit the trance loft that he remembered so fondly from his last visit to New York. He swore revenge on New York, too, promising us to one day return and play on the forbidden sands.


Posted: September 13, 2006


Category: Weird


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