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The weekend marked several momentous events in the local psychedelic trance history. Psychedelic trance itself first (officially) arrived on the shores of New York during a Return to the Source party at the Liberty Science Center, ten years ago this month.
In a fine demonstration of synchronicity, a number of the New York psytrance community celebrated a birthday in the weeks around this date including Joanne, Lauren, Albert, Steven, and Kamal; Orion’s return to NY marked the start of the weekend with sushi on Friday night.

Monkey & SerenaTo mark the occasion, members of the community came together to offer a communal celebration that will be fondly remembered by all involved. DJ Monkey and his eponymous partner Serena provided a comprehensive mix of entrepenuerial party services. In addition to his headlining gift set, the couple deco’d the dance floor with pvc party streamers and fluro tapestries, while also setting up a gallery of psychedelic collages in the lounge.

Their new line of psytrance shirts also debuted, displayed prominently on a shelf beside the dance floor, and which later became a convenient gift for many a birthday trancer. “Its all part of the experience we create,” Monkey said.

LED hoopingOther pillars of the community helped in their typically unsung fashion. Dandraver’s speakers, delivered by 28thDay to 55lex, which opened its reclusive doors for the intimate family party. Mayur, Ben, Christian, Coral, Lauryn;

Dave Henshaw and Marria travelled down from Boston, gracing us with his morning music and her, an intense LED hooping session during which she hooped out of existence. She also took the occasion to complete delivery of 28th Day’s newly-branded merchandise, done through her affiliate graphic design shop.

Special thanks go out to Onrei for capturing the spirit of this gathering in his photographs, a rare feat in our nighttime world.

Little BeastxCandles


  • Link (aadplus Pictures)
  • Link (Monkey collages)

Posted: October 1, 2006


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  1. Marria says:

    awesome party, awesome people, awesome music, awesome photos & review. Thank YOU so much for having Dave & I down for this momentous occasion. I have so much gratitute for the psy-trance community bringing all of us together. I hold this music so dear to my heart because without it, I wouldn’t be who I am today, know the people I know, and have the dearest friends anyone could ask for. We left New York with a lightness & joy that we haven’t experienced since KA POW! (ok…it was only a week before, but still…these feelings are priceless). The brilliant thing is that the psy-trance gatherings provide a backdrop & a REASON for friends to get together…near & far. From providing a dj set, to deco, party favors, tasty treats, hula hooping sessions, dancing & smiles…you all play an integral part in what makes this scene what it is. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! thank you.
    Hoop Lovin,

  2. Cody says:

    That pic of Steve and Joanne is beyond cute…Happy Birthday you fall babies!

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