a quiet hallow’s eve

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Tuesday is the worst day of the week for holidays, as this year’s conspicuous lack of Halloween psytrance events demonstrates. Even the most dedicated party animal must rationalize long to cook up an excuse to go wild on a Tuesday night.

Photo by anrei de genhardtThis past weekend saw intimate-yet-excellent family events; tonight promises only more of the same if anything at all. The NY psytrance community is still reacting to the temporary loss of its primary private dance space and the traditional Halloween party held there, so nothing substantial was planned in its place.

Eye of CosMFor those that simply had to dance, the only event of note was this past Saturday’s Demons and Deities masquerade at CoSM. As Anrei’s multitude of photographs evidence, all of NY’s psychedelic costume enthusiasts attended that night, trancer or otherwise.Photo by anrei de genhardt

The psy-drought will continue until the second weekend in November, when everyone in the northeastern United States will be throwing parties all at once. Happy Halloween, for now.

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Posted: October 31, 2006


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