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An authentically-autumn trance weekend awaits us here in New York. First off is a dark psytrance party later today, which is a Friday the 13th. In October, as it happens. Tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, promises the last regional outdoor gathering of 2006, Burning Lotus. There will have to be a lot of burning, too, as the temperature is expected to dip into the thirties that night.

In the brisk spirit of the season, here is a Harvest mix from up north, where Basilisk is presumably no stranger to the cold. In his own words:

I dig into progressive trance and tribal house territory, keeping it all fairly low-key. The final half hour picks up the pace, taking the crowd on an electro rollercoaster ride designed to get everyone pumped and psyched for a full night of dancing and celebration.

01 :: OrbitalHalcyon + On + On
02 :: RaiComet
03 :: André AbsolutLost & Found
04 :: Eelke KleijnDeeper Depths
05 :: ShumaTechnology
06 :: Kruger & CoyleKiwi Rider
07 :: VaguaMoment
08 :: TetraktysInterstellar Overdrive (Motion Remix)
09 :: AntixCold Night
10 :: Prisoners of the SunBotox Party
11 :: Ryan HalifaxClouds In My Coffee
12 :: SpannerPagan Pulse
13 :: SoleadLay Down
14 :: TiconIn Stereo
15 :: Son KiteGazing at the Sun (Parham & Plaza Remix)
16 :: James MonroPsycho
17 :: KoolerSuperstar
18 :: D-Nox & BeckersYou’re A Star (Club Version)


Posted: October 13, 2006


Category: Music


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