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The openair gathering outside of Allentown proved the more rewarding of this past weekend’s IMG_0289events, despite freezing temperatures and an unorganized organizer. A few hardy souls managed to stomp around the dancefloor to stay warm, but for the rest, a home cooked dinner, large fires and an endless supply of wood kept them going through the night. The music continued long after the sun returned, however, so everyone danced once the air thawed.

Daniel Pinchbeck participated in the gathering, delivering on Sunday morning a hilltop presentation on the virtues of the Mayan calendar system and the importance of crop circles. Most, but not all, attended to his words. There is (very) raw footage of the talk up on DMTV.

From opinions gathered, the deco stole the show at Burning Lotus, as it did at Metaforce the night before. Another reviewer noted that

“…The video guy Peter Parker pulled something I’ve never seen before, a huge pixel projector throwing fractals on a forest. No one could get it on film, but I have to tell you it was the most incredible thing I’ve seen in memory.” from machineelf

We agree. The best bit of deco the gatherings around here have ever seen; two trees illuminated by moving green light.

Sunil and a DLSR camera provided us with these memories of the weekend.


Posted: October 18, 2006


Category: Weird

  1. psydragon3 says:

    Our gathering was a success because certain individuals made it happen, we ran late so some people did not get to play. Eco Jeff was happy to see a lot of new faces and some old ones, so was I. Vlad and myself got there around 10:30 to set up the sound and whatnot. I must apologize for the lack of organization at times, we were a crew two or three person unofficial crew not including the extra help. The cables came in a lit bit later than we expected but that was ok. I want to thank all the djs that played and also the ones that didn’t, the effort is well appreciated. This was my first outdoor event and we pulled it off. The space is very special, we might not have anything there for a long time, because of various reasons, so those of you who came please appreciate what you experienced.

    The energy was something else there.

    Special Thanks to Eco-Jeff, Vlad, Tony, Lauren, Theo, Scott, Mayura, Ben, Lauren, Egg-Bot, Sev, Akin, Coral, Daniel Pinchbeck, Peter Parker, Jerry & Deb & anybody else I left out; none of this would have been possible without all your help and goodwill!

    Om Shanti Nama Shivaya!

    luv Kamal

  2. equus924 says:

    The location for the party was spectacular!

    It makes me sad that we won’t be visiting there again for a long time. But, I’m happy that we were able to experience the beauty of the land and the party that so many pulled together to organize. It was a wonderful gift!

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