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Our city hasn’t seen a psy-weekly since the end of the Psycheground parties of yesteryear. The hypercompetitive bar-and-club industry in Manhattan has little love for a culture that fails to promote alcohol abuse on weekday nights. Psytrancers are the Gypsies of New York, leading a nomadic nightlife, going from one safe haven to the next.

We gladly echo 28thday’s just-announced move into the weekly space. After a successful (and generous) summer season, the 28thday collective will transform some of that accrued karma into a psychedelic safe haven on Thursday nights for us at Shelter.

The flavor of psychedelic music will be, in their words:

“…the newest sounds in psychedelic dance music, featuring the best of progressive psy, prog-house, psy-trance, and electro.”

Marking the occasion, 28thday artist Tony Unorthdox released a mix distilled from this past summer’s parties.


  1. phatjak – dirty sunday (dimi phase rmx)
  2. subsky – dont tell me more
  3. P.O.T.S. – trance popper (electro popper rmx)
  4. supercharger – cars & girls (d-nox &beckers rmx)
  5. cult 45 – true to life (my digital enemy rmx)
  6. flowjob – everland airport
  7. the adjuster – over his heart (mashtronic rmx)
  8. mark dynamixc &jaytech – identify me (instrumental rmx)
  9. robimon – bridshock
  10. boom jinx – come play perfect
  • Link (download, 150mb mp3)

Posted: November 3, 2006


Category: Music


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