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Bad MushroomMetaforce counted its third effort a success this weekend past, despite a crowded calendar and last-minute venue change. Trancers craving sounds from the darker end of the psy spectrum made their way to Studio B in Brooklyn for their Deadly Down Under party.

Their success marks a clear victory for Metaforce in their recent struggle with a NY trance mafia, a crew of thuggish pseudo-commercial promoters and musicians that attempted extortion against promoters through internet slander, race-baiting, and forum-poisoning. The NY trance community, ever democratic, ignored their crude intimidation tactics and partied with Metaforce anyway.

In fact, the so-called trance mafia’s clumsy attacks have only pushed the family Metaforce into closer alliance with the psy-in-NY community.

Response to the party was positive. As a sign of gratitude for the much talked about Metaforce hospitality, Glowing Dragon offered up a live recording of his set. Memoribilia for those that attended. The pictures you see here are by his hand as well.

deadlydownunder1I will gladly play party or work with you guys anytime !!! Much love to you guys and thanks for all the hard work to make this happen !!!


deadlydownunder2Killer Party! So many great people, such wonderful music everybody ripped it! Special Thanks to MetaForce for keeping the music alive and for their great hospitality!



Posted: November 14, 2006


Category: Music


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