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In a fitting display of independent conformity, all of the northeast’s active collectives are hosting parties this weekend. For those who say that competition in the trance community is harmful, we at make the following prediction: all five of these parties will do extremely well. Dancefloors will be full. There are enough of us, now.

  • In Boston, we have Sonic Beating’s monthly Psyforia;
  • The Gaian Mind bimonthly down in Philadelphia, most modest of the five;

Three parties in New York total; two Friday night, one on Saturday.

  • Tsunami chose Webster Hall for its Infected Mushroom concert, also that night.
  • Metaforce’s Deadly Down Under party closes the weekend out with the sunrise on Sunday morning.

Thats it until next month. Well, maybe. Rumor has it that Thanksgiving parties will be happening for the substantial number of nonamerican trancers in New York. Stay attuned to the local psytrance calendar for the latest details.

  • Link (event calendar)

Posted: November 8, 2006


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