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Sometimes the collective consciousness manifests itself in unexpected and entertaining ways.

The start of the winter season in New York is traditionally a time of cold, and hibernation. Smoking is unpleasant, waiting for subways in the middle of a winter’s night even moreso. Even in these modern times with ~60F weather during the holidays, cultural habits change more slowly. Midsummer's Day Dream The night life loses its frentic edge, people turn their thoughts to gift-giving and family and then slowly rebuild their credit through the months that lead into summer.

At the same time, the 2006 party season will go down as one of the best in our local tribe’s history. It was only inevitable that one of our many trance collectives would attempt to rekindle the fires of the Psytrance Weekly and coast on the momentum of summer’s special grooves.

Unexpectedly, three completely autonomous party collectives launched (or in one case, re-launched) simultaneous weekly events.

28thday, the collective responsible for the best parties of 2006, announced their weekly party first (mentioned previously). 28thday blanketed the psytrance community — and certain subversive elements in the greater NYC house scene — with a coordinated series of novel new media promotions.

In the weeks between that announcement and that inaugural event however, the Japanese psytrance collective Mad Elephant announced and launched their weekly ‘Activate’ party in the space of only a few days. It was also free.

psychegroundThe talented organizers behind the Psycheground weekly, remembered fondly by many trancers here, announced its resurrection shortly thereafter. At that point there were a party on Tuesday, Wednesday, and then Thursday nights; then the all-night trance parties that followed on Friday and/or Saturday. In winter, the off-season.

The dust has settled now, almost a month later. Of the three psy-weeklies, only Activate remains, and even it is no longer free. First to fall was the Psychegrounds. 28thday’s effort endured two rounds of harsh capitalistic examination before it, too, fell into hibernation. When contacted about the state of the weekly, 28thday’s executive producer stated that “…we are re-focusing our attention on what we do best: free outdoor psytrance parties…In 2007, the psyNY community can expect a series of summer-long outdoor psytrance weeklies with the best psychedelic and progressive trance DJs our money can fly.”


Posted: December 29, 2006


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