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It is the holiday season again, which for most of us means presents, no matter if you celebrate Christmas, or Hannukah, or Kwanzaa, the Solstice, a Saturnalia, or even just New Year’s. Trancers are no exception to the rule.

So what do you get someone who has presumably rejected the average consumerist existence for an idealized, next-generation lifestyle? We here at have come up with a few psychedelic or otherwise unique gifts for your trance family and friends.


Norm 69 Hanging Lamp

69 Lamp

For the trance pad, a geometrical puzzle lamp that comes in 69 pieces. Fits cunningly together, No tools or glue needed. Comes in four sizes. $85 – $300.

the Laserpod

A soothing ambient lamp. Give your chill space a variety of ethereal atmospheres. Lasers, LEDs, filters, difusers, and other arcane optics produce a constantly-changing miasma of color and shadow.$100

Alex Grey Visionary Art Posters

Praying*Cosmic Christ*Theologue*Kissing

Let Alex Grey beautify a living space with reproductions of his visionary art. $40 signed, by Alex Grey. $25 unsigned

Flux card game & Expansion Packs


Inviting another couple or two over to hang out? Fluxx is a meta card game for those psychedelic dinner parties you may host every now and again. The only rule of Fluxx is the changing of rules. Every game will be a different experience from the others, so it maintains interest for game after game.
Impossible to explain, but instantly comprehensible when you play it.

Monk Messenger Bag

Monk Messenger Bag Sketch

Possibly the most interesting bag made to date. Crafted from recycled audio tape that is shipped from Brooklyn and then hand-loomed by women in Nepal. The Monk Messenger Bag’s east-meets-west style will grant its wearer instant tribal cred. Perfect for the DJ or audio enthusiast in your life.

Audiophiles take note: If you happen to have a cassette tape head lying around you can listen to the music recorded on your bag! $125.

Bang & Olufsen Serene Mobile

Serenity Now
A gift fit for a party promoter or organizer: the Bang & Olufsen Serene mobile. Inscrutible design, complex functioning, and retro styling. Yesterday’s rotary phones have become the jogwheels of today. $1250


PowerPccket Solar Cells
Here’s a great piece of festival gear. The Powerpocket is extremely portable set of solar cells perfect for recharging your cell phone, GPS, laptop or mp3 player. Why leave all the best things about civilization behind when you party? Attach one of these to the side of your tent and show everyone how hi-tech you are! $125.


Harmonograph: A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of Music


During the nineteenth century, a remarkable scientific instrument known as a harmonograph revealed the beautiful patterns found in music. It is an introduction to the evolution of harmonic theory with beautiful drawings that show the octave as triangle, the fifth as pentagram; diagrams show the principles of harmonics, overtones, and the monochord. $8.00

Hallucinogens: A Reader (New Consciousness Reader)

Hallucinogens: A Reader
A very unique collection of essays. Everything from individual experiences to Kabbalist usage of psychedelics. The world at large has viewed hallucinogens not as a gift but as a threat to society, from the counterculture movement of the 1960s through the War on Drugs, to this very day. The essays by many of today’s important thinkers advocate a reevaluation of the social worth of hallucinogens when used intelligently.$13.22

Blacklight LED hula hoop

Blacklight LED Hoop in Action

For the psy-hooper in your life. The main idea of Psi-hoops is to provide a visual-kinesthetic link for the performer and audience. You can see the pathways of the hoop and the trails it makes in its spiral journeys. The speed, acceleration-deceleration, momentum and inertia of the hoop is made wonderfully visible. Options range from DIY glowstick hoop kits to the archspectacular Psionic Sylph – a ring of blacklight LEDs that illuminate the hoopster’s savvy trance threads. $60-$300

The Gift of Experience

Burning Man 2006
Lastly, something for those of us who shy away from tangible gifts. Give the gift of travel. Invite a close friend or lover to next year’s Burning Man festival. Seven days in the desert is an experience they won’t soon forget. Admission, travel, supplies, survival gear, and of course toys will run you approximately $2000. Tickets go on sale in early 2007, so you’ll have to craft your own for gift-giving purposes.
Choose wisely.


Posted: December 2, 2006


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