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Posted today on the robertantonwilson blog:

Robert Anton Wilson Defies Medical Experts and leaves his body @4:50 AM on binary date 01/11.

All Hail Eris!

On behalf of his children and those who cared for him, deepest love and gratitude for the tremendous support and lovingness bestowed upon us.
(that’s it from Bob’s bedside at his fnord by the sea)

RAW Memorial February 2007
date to be announced

During his ~32-year writing career, RAW deprogrammed many intelligent young minds in the generations that succeeded him. Ours included. It was only last weekend that we stumbled upon his blog after years of exposure to his books.

We then discovered his link page, a wild collection of ‘net lore as has ever been assembled. We’ve set up a local mirror of RAW’s links, since all of his websites are down for now. Copying his collected wisdom seems the most fitting tribute to our minds.

Oh, and since the world is indeed a strange place: a coincidental happy birthday to Doctor Albert Hoffman. It is his 101st.

update: The RU Sirius Show posted a tribute: mp3Robert Anton Wilson Lives!

“Robert Anton Wilson taught us all that “the universe contains a maybe.” So maybe there is an afterlife, and maybe Bob’s consciousness is hovering around all of us who were touched by his words and his presence all these years. And if that’s the case, I’m sure he’d like to see you do something strange and irreverent – and yet beautiful – in his honor.” –RUSirius


Posted: January 11, 2007


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  1. xavier says:

    Would psychedelic trance parties exist without the guiding hand of the Discordians before them?

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