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This Canadian-born creator is master and maker of worlds where normalcy recurses into phantasy. Reality and the realms of imagination flow seamlessly into each other, usually through the imagination of a child.

His work depicts that time between sleep and wakefulness, creating a breathtaking, visual exploration of imagination and possibility that encourages us to think past the boundaries of everyday life, and see the possibilities beyond.Although Gonsalves’ work may appear to be surrealistic, it differs in that the images are deliberately planned and result from conscious thought. Ideas are largely generated by the external world and involve recognizable human activities, using carefully planned illusionist devices. Gonsalves injects a sense of magic into realistic scenes. As a result, the term “magic realism” describes his work accurately. His work is an attempt to represent human beings’ desire to believe in the impossible.

from Saper Gallery

Astral Projections

Rob Gonsalves began his professional life as an architect, switching over to art full time upon receiving enthusiastic feedback to his first efforts. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that he builds, rather than paints?

Carved in StoneStill Waters Acrobatic Engineering Pulling Strings Doll's Dreamhouse

Into the Labyrinth


Posted: February 22, 2007


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    Thanks for introducing me to this artist… these paintings are wonderful!

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