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In a rare display of non-insularishness, I have departed New York City for a week in the Pacific Northwest.

Seattle is to be my primary urban home while I am here. Fortunately, this urban center is also home to many vibrant aftercultural communities, a few of which are hosting events during my stay.

  • First off is The Celestial Phool: A Phurst Church Of Phun Experience.

    In 1971 Wavy Gravy, the infamous Merry Prankster, Woodstock Music Festival emcee, and activist/humanitarian clown, phounded the Phurst Church of Phun (PcoP) as a secret society of clowns dedicated to ending the Vietnam war through humor-based social activism. PCoP “services” were held quietly every April Phools day to honor the archetype of the wise Holy Phool and to keep alive the philosophy and spirit of Crazy Wisdom by practicing the dada-istic art of seducing divine synchronicity phrom out of chaos.

  • On Sunday night I’ll catch up with the weekly Zen Circus, an underground art event put on by Infinite Connections and Buddha Bar.
  • Both events are ‘specially blessed by the happy coincidence of the Fools Day, April 1st. I flew out to Seattle in the spirit of the Fool, so will hopefully fall under the benevolent gaze of this weekend’s patron archetype.


Posted: March 30, 2007


Category: Psy-Culture


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