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Dancing in CoSMosisSaturday night’s party at CoSM was great fun. The 28thday community turned out in numbers Holistic Approachfor what was expected to be an informal inaugural event. No meditation space, sacred chapel, live painting, or intellectual discourse — just community dancing, music, home-brew art, and home-made cupcakes.

Gosha, Tony Unorthodox, and DJ Pena all proved that they play progressively. Coral and Kife controlled the lounge space.

DJs and Deco


Visual Alchemism made its first attempt at public video projection. Inspired by the Dreams in High Fidelity projections at Psynoptic Shift, Alchemism’s venerable flock of electric sheep provided a apparently-entrancing spectacle.

Standing in the Shifting Lights Alchemism Visuals in CoSMosis

Shadow Puppets

Framed artfully by classic psy deco from Mordechai Schulgasser (aka KC).

K.C.’s deco

Reian’s professional eye caught some amazing images, and he had them up and publicly viewable within hours of returning home. (I wish the same could be said of the pictures from the loft party last month. But those photographers are a lazy and shiftless bunch — myself included)

Other media types (movies and mp3s) will be here, when and if they should appear.


Posted: March 25, 2007


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