Ralph Metzner and Divine Balance at CoSM

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Saturday the 14th of April will see a full night at CoSM, seperated into three discrete events:

  • First is an Introduction to Alchemical Divination by Ralph Metzner.
  • At 8pm Alex Grey will join Ralph for a conversation on Alchemy, Entheogens, and the Visionary Experience.
  • Rounding out the evening in unusual fashion unusual will be the Divine Balance Trinity Benefit, billed as a “Night of Sonic Healing,” it will consist of multiple sound environments supported by over a dozen psychedelic and electronic musicians. In the words of the organizers:

    What we intend to do will actually go beyond CoSM. The technology is so powerful that its expected to be felt at a field diameter of one city block at a minimum and upto 1.5 miles! So believe it or not, or be at CoSM or not. If you stand at the 542 W 27th street block on the 14th of April between 12am and 3am you WILL feel it!

[UPDATE] 4/20/07: Ora, the deco artist for the Trinity Benefit, spun poi for our benefit.


Posted: April 11, 2007


Category: East Coast

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  1. Jeto says:

    I was really impressed as well with the venue, music, deco. All in all it was such a fun night. I had a blast dancing all night and meeting all you wonderful NY trancers.

    Thanks Shai and Varun.

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