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The world-walking NY trancer Rebecca Patience Roman writes in from her current tour:

Hellow peeps,

Greetings and salutations long time. Thought you might like to know that Reid (Wave’s brother from the Frying Pan) finally embarks on his 3 year journey on his schooner around the planet to break the world record. His launch party is today 1-3pm. .

On the other hand I traveled to Thailand for the Rainbow World Gathering. Great to be in the jungle and the beach. “The Beach” indeed. Ko-Phan-Ghan was a fun psy-trance induced island. People live there just to party.

Was in Asia 2 months (so cheap, $10 a day w/food and guesthouse) and been in Denmark now a month. Simon Posford from Hallucinogen was just here last Sat., ended up hanging out with him and brought him to the after-party, he’s super-cool. There IS a psy-trance scene here in Copenhagen. Small but alive. Going to another psy-feast tonight at a Yoga studio.

As Stage Manager I’ll be doing The Freakshow again this year in Sweden on July 7th. Goa Gil is playing a 24hr.set and Torston and Iselin, my close friends will finally tie the knot in a psychedelic journey to the stars. If anyone is interested in performing at The Freakshow and flying to Sweden e-mail me. Tell me what you do.

You can check out The Freakshow movie we filmed at BOOM festival last August in Portugal. Blacklight from Freakfactory joined me and we did a great show (he’s the one in the mask, great dancer).

Should be back in NY in a week or so. Heard you guys got hit with quite a storm. Springtime however is in the air and time for outdoor festivals once more, put on your seat belts!

With love,

PS – Post Thailand pics up soon…


Posted: April 18, 2007


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