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A bit of local trance history.

Before the Current Era (2005 – ?) chronicled so diligently here at di.onys.us, in the first years of the new millennium it was the Spectra and Omnitribe collectives that best served underground psychedelic trance music to the NY community.

“The two crews worked both together and independently – bringing such acts as Vibrasphere, Son Kite, Atmos, Noma, Buzz, Phony Orphants, Antix, S-Range, Haldolium, Timetech, Oryx, Shiva Shandra, and DJ’s the likes of Emok, Anti,Peter Digital, and Dmitri just to name a few,” despite “…constantly battling the New York police, the Cabaret Laws…and the Coincidental Natural Disaster.

In 2003 Gavin returned home to Malmo, Sweden, taking Spectra with him. He spent the intervening years professionally engaged in the European music market, working as promoter, booking agent, label DJ, and party organizer. By 2006, Gavin realized that although he “…enjoyed the lifestyle and the work [in Europe], my expertise and passion for production was best suited to the industrious spirit New York City.”

Gavin and Spectra migrated back to NYC in early 2007. He quickly reconnected with old allies, added a few new faces to the crew. They set Saturday, April 28th as the date for their first new production and set about telling the world of their re-incarnation.

The community responded positively to the news in word and deed, evidenced by heavy promotion and testimonials in the nature of:

When I saw the flyer for the SPECTRA Party on
April 28th, I just got super excited as my mind filled
with memories from all the old Spectra parties… Son
Kite playing live after a DJ set from Dimitri!…If you were
at any of the other Spectra Parties, then you know
what I’m trying to say here (even if it is totally

Son Kite playing live after a DJ set from Dimitri! Vibrasphere live! Son Kite live in an art gallery! The night we danced in front of a flooded bathroom in a building not even fully constructed yet – listening to… Hell, I barely remember!! (Shiva Chandra?) Kalyx opening for Emok the night the party was raided. The Hux Flux live set BEFORE Noma at the Key… I mean, these are the nights, the parties!

-excerpted from the writings of “Charles Dickens” Henshaw

Organizer Q/A

And now, a few questions with DJ-promoter Gavin of Spectra:

Q:What is your vision for Spectra Music and what are you planning for the psyNY community?

Gavin of SpectraFirst and foremost I am committed to producing a really great party. Great music, great vibe.

When I experienced my first psy-trance party , I became inspired. I’d like others to have the chance toShane Gobi Djing experience that same feeling.

I guess I am still a dance music idealist.

Q: What about the first Spectra party? What should we expect?

The party on the 28th with Shane Gobi will be an excellent representation of how I feel different styles can work together. I think we can learn something from those who have done it the longest…

I’m going to continue to push the sounds and artists that I believe in – there’s a lot of cross pollination these days, with other genres heavily influencing trance music. It is my greatest hope to see all these roads converge into one.

Q: When should we show up?

Kenji WilliamsI suggest guests come early enough to see Kenji Williams’ performing part of his multi-media project Gaia Journeys.

We are really lucky to be hosted by Shelter… although the Spectra party ends at 5 a.m, Shelter will pick up where we leave off and go until 2 p.m.


Posted: April 21, 2007


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  1. NeuroNympho says:

    Shane blew me away at GMF and Eclipse last year. I think I even formed a crush, ;D It is also a treat to see Kenji again, the last set I saw of his was a very special morning.

    Anyone ever been to this new Shelter? The old one was so terrible, I feel a bit iffy about the venue. Either way I’ll be there.

  2. shantigirl says:

    Yes! The new Shelter is actually a great venue. 28th Day productions did weekly parties there a few times. It’s 2 floors, good amount of space, security was pretty chill when i was there, and i hear they actually stay open till morning. Chill out is a separate room, they had some benches and seats and what not. It’s in a great location – Varick street, downtown Manhattan. Sound system was rocking – i am not sure if it belongs to the space or if 28th day brought it in. In any case, i feel like you can trust Gavin with your sound. Man, i wish i was in NYC for this one!

  3. light-trance says:

    Shane did the magic again! After listening him last yr back to back (Gaian Mind & Eclipse), I was kind of skeptical that whether indoor venue will be able to do justice!!! But from “M00ther Fu6king Bassline” to “Nuc1er Device”, it was just awesome.

    Also it was nice to see some vibrant energy on the dancefloor! 😉 [though there were many newcomers/unknow that …]Anyway, at last, thanks to Gavin!

  4. anya says:

    i never heard Gobi b4, i know, shame on me! but…i am happy i had a chance now….i had no idea ho amazing he can be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hope to hear him outdoors one day….
    thank u , thank u, thank u, namaste, arigato, spasibo!!!
    and to everyone who was stomping around in a busy crowd…lol kicking me sometimes lovingly!


    peace, love and light…
    om namah shivaya

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