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Now we look ahead to the fundraiser on Saturday May 12th and its headliner Arahat. His flavor is dark psy (or psy stomp–depending on who you ask) meaning it is night music “…primarily inspired from the countless events performed under full-moons and new-moons in the Mojave desert and Mountains of the Sierra/Nevada range.”

This will mark an interesting splash of variety for the typically prog-centric 28thday crowd. But as Soul of the Peaceful Warrior demonstrates, Arahat’s production values are highly distinctive.

Tom Hidro - Arahat

Tom Hidro started mixing goa vinyl back in 1995 and has grown through the ages of electronica and finally settled on his passion, Psychedelic Nighttime trance. A producer since 2005 he has released 4 tunes globally with a handful more coming soon on Dark Prisma, Anomolistic, D-A-R-K, and the first comp coming from PsyCircle/Darkstar called Liquid Vision. Other studio projects include Arabali (with Mubali) and Monks of Madness (with Bodhisattva 13:20).


Posted: May 9, 2007


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