28thday Fundraiser for AUM festival artists

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On the date of this posting, Saturday May 12th 2007, 28thday is hosting an AUM Festival fundraiser in Brooklyn. Anomalistic Behaviors CD coverThis also marks the production launch of Anomalistic Records. Chuck Looper, its founder, announced that every paying guest will receive a release copy of the CD, in hopes of securing a sizeable travel stipend for local psy artists going to AUM.

It will be a night of fast syncopated frequencies, a departure from the lower-BPM progressive typically heard in a 28thday. Here is the lineup as it stands now:

  • Arahat
  • FaceHead
  • Eg~Bot

This marks the event as a uniquely uncommercial proposition; no-profit, daring musical variation, a free cd, national scene-building, and artist support.

Attending a merely ‘free’ party is almost parasitic in comparison!


Posted: May 12, 2007


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