28thday: Inflorescence

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An inflorescence is a group or cluster of flowers on a branch of a plant. In botany the term refers to the way individual flowers are arranged on the plant, in which single or multiple flowers develop on the same stem.


After spending all day meeting and partying with the Eyes of Gaia in virtual reality on Saturday, we struggled our way out to PA and arrived as the sun fell.

About half the gathering came as campers. Their tents surrounded the dance floor and its still-rising dome.

The musical progession adhered to tradition. Psychill as the campers lounged and the dome went up; opening progressive, coursing into the different veins of night music; twilight trance as ambient light returned; an energetic dawn; an extended morning goa mix; oscillating between the shades of morning music, until closing with day progressive; dispelled finally by a transient burst of rain and wind.

The first unorthodome proved to be an excellent focus. One could dance in or out, or weaving back-and-forth between the two. We mounted a white sheet on an upper section of the dome through which Etienne projected visuals. To to side, across a still pond, i projected electric sheep on a brace of trees. The moving patterns of light were mirrored perfectly in the water below. Inflorescence chilltent

Deco included the neotribal fluro of Waking Dream. She cultivated a tented relaxation space alongside the pond. Etienne’s visuals were projected onto a section of the unorthodome. Alchemism situated his visuals across a stillwater pond, onto a brace of spruce and alder trees.

Its been a slow digesting since we returned from Inflorescence. Four hours of footage and little video editing experience will make entertaining output slow in appearing, perhaps, with only a bit of time left before the immanent Gaian Mind.Dome at Dawnphoto linkage

complete lineup:

BRAINCELL (Glowing Flame | Rastaliens, Switzerland) LIVE + DJ
AGALACTIA (Aleph Zero, Israel)
ETIENNE (Psybooty | Seizure Lab, SF) LIVE
LAURYN (Peak Records | 28thday, NYC)
KARMAKANIK (Gaian Mind | PSI, Philadelphia)
MAYUR (Spectra, NYC)

Visuals by:
Etienne (Psybooty | Seizure Lab, SF)
Alchemism (28thday, NYC)

Psynvironment by:
Waking Dream (Montreal)
Dan (Zometool Inc., NYC)
Tesseract (28thday, NYC)
unorthodomes ltd

Explorations of multidimensional geometric forms with:
Dan (Zometool Inc., NYC) | www.zometool.com


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