24hr open-air trance picnic – 6/9/07

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Get all your gear ready for the summer festival season with a two day campout & trance picnic in Allentown, PA.

Inflorescent Bird

The location will open at 2pm so people can set up their tents and settle in to dub and psychill. Expect to leave by Sunday afternoon.

Bring food and drink for yourself, and to share with others.

Our hosts 28thday will be providing the geodesic dome, fresh morning chai, stickers, CDs, electricity, visuals, and of course music:

  • Braincell is headlining with a live set and a Rastaliens DJ set;
  • Agalactia from Israel will also be featured;
  • Etienne will be doing a live set and projected visuals;
  • Lauryn, Tony Unorthodox, and Mayur will provide the local color;
  • Hugh Sharpe will greet the morning with a traditional goa morning set;
  • Other visual delights from Montreal’s Waking Dream, and New York’s Tesseract and Alchemism;
  • Dan will visualize multidimensional geometric forms with Zome constructs;

There will be public transport to the trance picnic for all the green urban trancers in New York:

Those of you without a vehicle, or simply looking to lower your carbon footprint, may be interested to know that Inflorescence is easily reachable from NYC by bus. There’s a bus running every 2 hours from Port Authority in Manhattan, to a stop in PA about 10 miles from the party. 28thday will be offering a free shuttle between the PA bus stop and the event, for the times listed below.

A round trip bus ticket costs $36.50, available at Port Authority on 42nd St. Full mass transit instructions will be provided to ticketholders upon purchase.


Posted: June 2, 2007


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