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6362Metaforce announced the opening of their digital psy marketplace. The site will also serve as their home and showcase on the net.

The goa-style digital bazaar debuted with a collection of trance CDs and leather accessories. Jewelry is promised next, with the eventual goal of being a full goa-style marketplace for ‘family’ artists in the global psy village.

Co-founder Rachel writes:

“…We’ve worked for 8 months to create this portal…the music, art, clothing, jewelry and accessories featured here come from artists around the globe, and all have been specially chosen for their high quality and unique creative essence – but also because of the purity of the souls who created them.”

The recent release of Metaforce’s first compliation shows that the husband-and-wife team at the heart of Metaforce is a potent business engine. We wish them luck in their new tribal enterprises.


Posted: August 4, 2007


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  1. Rachel says:

    just a quick thank you for your kind words regarding our site, and I wanted to tell you once again that you are one of the people who remind me that we have a community worth preserving out there!! Maybe we don’t stomp to the same melody lines, but we share the same beat for sure… ;-)!
    i’ll see you this weekend, probably – either at wonderland or the beach???
    🙂 R

  2. norajean says:

    thank’s Z!
    It is my hope that something like this does not happen to anyone else. For the record; we did get paid, we were assaulted, we are pressing charges.

    hugs – norajean

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