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A well-fated time of year for the many members of the community celebrating birthdays, with massive events occurring on both coasts of the US. In the West, San Fransisco is in the midst of the Love revelries which go nonstop all weekend; back East, all of the counterculture’s movers and shakers are uniting for a grand party in a grand space.

The retrospect reality of Harvest Arcanum, as shared by the psyNY community:

Harvest Arcanum Flyer

  1. love'n'light says:

    i wasn’t planning to go for this party……the style of music i thought was not for me ( was I in for a big surprise!!
    got there after much hunting for the space with my favorite fellow trancers and was blown away by the decor and artifakt’s set.

    the upstairs chill area was divine..was not there for too long but the decor and the projection at the back was wowoowwo…and the view from the roof – stunning. it was a lovely star studded night and at one point the moon had a beautiful halo around it…..(i have never seen anything like it )

    but downstairs was where the energy and action was. artifakt’s set was really good and i had a total blast bouncing away to it till my legs could take it no more….

    thank u to everyone involved in putting this together.
    loooooooovely to seee some good old faces..


  2. maximjou says:

    28th day do it right once again! beautiful party, magical location, great people. the setup could not have been any more perfect. nice mix of music. even the chillout was amazing, not too slow. musicaly- i couldnt get enough , from layren to the end was just getting better and better. happy u guys invested in the dome its def a great addition as a decoration.

    ps- im just upset it going back to the clubs for now. can you guys throw more parties at these locations. like the yoga studio last year and then this party. its just so chillllllllll.

    anyways thank you so much. i was waiting a very long time for this party. and it did not dissapoint

    thank you Theo, Lauren,Tony, Max and others that i did not meet who worked on setting up this beautiful atmosphere.

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