Halloween in NYC – 2007

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  1. Colorful Costume on the Streets of NYCNew York City’s psychedelic halloween in 2007

Unlike the underground releveries of the past few years, the notable Psy events in 2007 are respectably commercial. Alex Grey dressed as the Grim Reaper and hosted a Dance Masquerade at his Chapel; Psycheground capitalized on the Wednesday night holiday to throw a full-on trance party at the Sullivan Room

Demons & Deities Masquerade

Alex Grey as the Grim PainterThis year’s psychedelic-entheocentric Halloween party was CoSM’s Demons and Deities Masquerade on Saturday, October 27, 2007.

After a day of the heady counter-cultural Horizons conference, Alex Grey (as the Grim Reaper) gave a solo presentation on the various representations of Heaven and Hell in world cosmologies.

We created an excellent space for the CoSM crowd, cultivating a nonalcoholic, nonsmoking, and nonconsumer space for them to enjoy the nuanced magic of the Samhain holiday. The mix of live, electronic dance, and ambient musics in different rooms created a balanced space – there was always someplace else to go and someone new to talk to.

The party reached capacity ea

rly in the evening. Since CoSM is in the process of raising funds for a land purchase in upstate New York, we wish them good fortune in their ventures.

Psycheground’s Halloween Ball

Psycheground Halloween Ball 2007

Longtime weekly promoter Psycheground lucked out with Halloween falling on a Wednesday in 2007. Their usual night at the Sullivan Room was upgraded to a full out psychedelic costume party.

Local community favorites will be playing their tracks for us. On the lineup:

  • Max Earworm
  • Tony Unorthodox
  • Ray Brionnes vs. Mario Hannum



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