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karmakanik Karmakanik writes,

Hey Guys.

This was recorded live in the pine barrens back in August. The style is twilight full-on, and was played approximately 5am-6:30am in the morning. Here is the tracklist:

  • lost and found vs. mondo – total eclipse
  • frozen ghost vs. hiyarant – lockdown
  • smugg juggler – heathen race
  • ufo – weekend at olli’s
  • concept – electro undulation
  • lost and found vs. frozen ghost – sin stereo
  • phyx – evolver
  • shift – kapitol
  • azax syndrom – down the stairs (rmx)
  • phatmatix – samurai
  • digital talk vs. outer signal – no rules
  • brethren – beware of the dog
  • artifakt – lazer
  • azax syndrom – replica (abomination rmx)
  • broken toy – send more money (shift rmx)


Download the mix (.mp3) 

Piney Power | August 2007

  1. nissim says:

    heyy man….nice tracklist . the party was in new york…?

  2. Xav says:

    Yes, in the closest forest to new york city, put it that way…

  3. nissim says:

    ok thanks….nice to know that your are doing a outside parties in new york…
    and more with south african psytrance!!

  4. nissim says:

    if you dont know ,this is the new release of Timcode Record:

    V/A Future Cuts

    1. Twisted System – Psychopath
    2. Concept & Scorb – Dissident Factions
    3. Phyx – Kansas City Shuffle
    4. Multistate – HQ Part II
    5. Mantis – Blood Red
    6. Xatrik & Kid X – Wildcard
    7. Lost & Found – Scanner V 2.0
    8. Outer Signal & B55- Unstoppable
    9. Hydraglyph – Cigarettes & Silver Bullets (Multistate RMX)
    10. Artifakt – The Pole

  5. Xav says:

    South Africa? Yes, Artifakt slept in my bed while he was in New York back in September. We had a great Timecode records party on the 29th.

  6. nissim says:

    artifakt is my number 1 🙂 king of master

    by the way , im from Israel and i mooving to New York soon,
    so i will glade if you tell me about more psy parties….

  7. Foxinni says:

    Dude, killer line up. sH!Ft – Kapitol and Artifakt – Lazer, best tracks ever. Good to see the NY crew mixing it up in good fashion.

    We South Africans sure have alot of good acts. Not to blow on our horn but these tunes are awesome!

    Please come have a look at out my site Monkeysfist.co.za and add us to your blogroll. I’d be happy to do the same.

    Peace, m

  8. Vlad says:

    The mix is not there anymore. Can you please repost it?

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