28thday’s New Year’s Eve Actuate 2008

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Offering a break from the typically over-priced or uncomfortable New Year’s event, Actuate represents the first truly psychedelic New Year’s Eve (NYE) party we’ve seen in New York since the late 90s.
Turning Brooklyn’s GrandSpace into an even grander space, 28thday is transforming its cold winter rooftop into a heated circus for freaks, with four warm comfy tents housing a unique stylistic environment. We’re especially looking forward to the coutured comfort, courtesy of Sequoia Emanuelle, one of the founders of Freak Factory who also designed the flyer above, as well as the sinuous dancing of Sera of Solstice, and the ambiance of sonic artists like Marissa of CoSM. There will be dancing up under the stars, with lots of pillows and private nooks for loungers. Expect a level of sensual elegance not available to trance parties since the 90s.

Sequoia Emannuelle in one of her seductively sculpted spacesBlending the whimsical surrealism of an emergent underground with technique as sharp as broken glass, Sequoia Emanuelle images reveal a lavish dreamscape in pieces, one frame at a time. Extravagantly staged, Emmanuelle’s art encapsulate a growing subculture while remaining fiercely independent in its execution.

Equally anticipated is the return of the eponymous Jamin Murphy to psyNY. His traditional psychedelic decor will inhabit the dance space inside Grand Space, as it did in the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors back in January 2007.

A multitude of local talent is collaborating with 28thday to make it a truly multimedia multigenre event. Theo of Icarus and Ben of Light-0-Matic are contributing sound. Members of the psyNY community assisted with the formidable up-front costs of a New York City New Year’s Eve event. Spot and his HiFiDreams will fill space with visual projections, while Dana of Sonic Beating will also shape space in the stairwell and on the roof.

Jamin Murphy Psychedelic Decor

In a collaborative effort, 28thday has brought Freak Factory on board once more for a fusion of the music and art of the psychedelic trance tribes and the Burner breakbeats. Continuing a strong tradition started at the Harvest Arcanum party back in September, Actuate brings together at least two of the popular electronic music scenes. Manifesting DJ’s from around the globe, 28thday is bringing back many of the favorite psytrance DJ’s they have brought in over the years.

New Year’s Eve 2008

  • Featuring:
    • Magnetrixx from Germany, performing live
    • Tron from Mexico, also performing live
    • San Francisco’s Monks of Madness live
    • Christer
    • 28thday’s own Tony Unorthodox
    • Mayur
    • Haj
    • Kush Aurora
    • A FreekFactory liveset
    • Spiro w. vocalist Kara Trott
    • Mikio
    • Manny
    • Marissa, the Alien Ambassador
    • Blacklight as Master of Ceremonies
  • Visual Projections by Spot
  • Psy Sound by Light-o-Matic
  • Psy Deco by Jamin Murphy
  • Tribal bellydancing by Sera Solstice
  • Rooftop Environmental by Sequoia Emmanuelle
    • Space Shaping by Sonic Beating
  • Technological Curiosities by Alchemism
  • Sound by Icarus Facundia

$65 presale | $75 door before 11pm | $85 after
No outside alcohol
Free champagne toast at midnight

Grand Space
778 Bergen St, Brooklyn
9PM to 8AM

Afterparty Update

  1. Skeeve says:

    Tickets are available at http://28thday.com/events/.

    We’ll post the date that we are planning to close presales over the next few days, but keep in mind that due to FreekFactory involvement we will be promoting to multiple communities so presale tickets will go quickly.

  2. Mike dini says:

    -Mike d

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