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Those who ventured out to Kaiser Park in Coney Island this sultry
September Saturday afternoon were in for a real treat. Tucked away in
a corner of the park with the dj stage facing away from the street and
apartment buildings across from it, the party area was surrounded by a
small hillock just behind the treeline which provided both a nice
location to view the festivities (and the bay behind it) and a natural
acoustic barrier to contain the sound. On that point, the sound in
the dance area was simply incredible. Four-corner stereo speakers and
a plentiful number of subwoofers blanketed the dance zone with crisp,
clear sound that rivals some of the best night clubs. Trance always
sounds better outside and it was a real joy to have a sound system
capable of projecting it nicely over the entire space (and a little

All the sets that day were enjoyable and well-tuned to the setting.
Tony Unorthodox got off to a late start but his set was completely the
way to kick off the festivities. Tony dropped his usual choice blend
of electro and progressive sounds with precision and got me on my feet
early, despite my efforts to rest after pumping up that giant yellow
inflatable ball thingy. I kept dancing through nearly all of Lauryn’s
set, stopping only to grab a burger for sustenance. Thanks to Ron and
Scott’s expert grilling skills, the party was well-supplied with
excellent veggie and beef burgers, a choice selection of fixin’s and
chips, topped off by excellent iced chai courtesy of bio-Lu. Free
music and free food. Outside in a city park. Legit (just ask any of
the half dozen or so cops and park officials who stopped by to
investigate the goings on only to leave satisfied every time when Theo
or Scott presented them with the permit). Who could ask for more?

Lauryn’s set was followed seamlessly by Ben’s, who offered us a sweet
blend of acidy psy tunes with an added squelch factor, all nicely
mixed and crowd motivators. I only stopped dancing during his set to
run off to the porta-john and to greet friends who had arrived and
help them set up a picnic blanket on the hillock. I hopped on the
decks just after 4:30 and played until the party closed at 6:30. I
tried my hand at dropping a blend of progressive-inflected psy trance,
with a little dose of tech house and prog house to give the set a bit
of variety. After a few sketchy and downright regrettable mixes (wait
’til you hear the recordings soon to appear on the site) I got more
comfortable with the sound behind the decks and started hearing my
cues better. Those back speakers were a bit of a challenge if the
monitor was too quiet, and once those got taken down during my set
(they were going off to supply sound at the pine barrens party that
night) my mixes got tighter, as well. Despite a few crunchy mixes,
the small crowd seemed pretty much into what I was dropping, and even
some local kids got in on the action and filled the dance area from
around the middle of my set to the end. I always love it when people
who have never really heard trance are exposed to it and check it out
and it was one of the most enjoyable times for me as a dj having those
kids out there dancing it up to these crazy tunes. The party wrapped
up right at 6:30 and a spotty rain started falling at around the same
time. The people who came out seemed to have a really nice time and
everybody gave off a great vibe with a surplus of smiles and good cheer.

That said, I was a bit surprised at how few people came out, though.
I think there might have been 50 to 70 people and a good portion were
involved in the production itself. Not bad, but for a free daytime
event, with free food no less, it seems that it should have attracted
more folks. Granted the Minitek festival was coinciding on Coney that
same weekend, but the price point and target audience for that was a
bit different, to say the least. Anyway, if you dig listening to
trance outside and hear about one of these 28th Day park events, do
your best to check it out. These guys definitely love what they’re
doing and the music they present and it shows in their production
values and dedication.

(commentary from psy DJ Hugh Sharpe)


Posted: September 14, 2008


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