[mix] Global Grooves for Bohemian Belly Dancers

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goddess_belly_dance150 Global Grooves for Bohemian Belly Dancers is the latest psy mix from SuKhush. It is available for free download at 6362metaforce.net. Recorded from a live performance in Brooklyn, NYC on November 1st, 2008. The set starts as a lullaby but quickly moves into a set of funky percussion-heavy tracks, with influences from around the globe. Live flute runs through the whole set, excluding the final track.


  1. Glorious Sun (traditional)
  2. Take a Flight – Omar Faruk Tekbilek (Ramasutra Remix)
  3. Bellydancer – Adham Shaikh
  4. Nightflower – Kaya Project
  5. Tala Odyssey – Desert Dwellers
  6. Kashmiri Day Trip – Entheogenic (Kuba Remix)
  7. Ghasi Ram Blues – Kaya Project
  8. Be Good – Kuba
  9. Moon Beach Morning – Isaak Hypnotizer
  10. Shiva Mantra (traditional)


Download the Mix (55min, 128kbps mp3)


Posted: November 8, 2008


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