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Isratrance, one of the primary sites facilitating the global psy community, has released a free compilation.

Dear Dionysians,

Finally, after a lot of hard work from our team and members, lead by the persistent visionary of it all – Fullon (Napo)- the 10 Year Isratrance Forum Compilation is out there! A present of diverse music from the Isratrance community and team to the trance world. Many established artist in all styles, all members of Isratrance gave their best of tracks for us all to enjoy.


  1. OOOD – Alpha Relaxation
  2. Aerospace feat. KPax – Drops
  3. Kino Oko – Skillfully Oratory
  4. NASA – Addicted to Sin
  5. Minimal Criminal – Mr. Miyagi
  6. Sensient – 3rd Dimension
  7. Hujaboy – Too Much Too Soon
  8. E-Jekt – Committed
  9. Mubali – Limit of Rationality
  10. Filteria – The Snail Keeps Crawling…

Download the compilation at Isratrance (available in 320k mp3, FLAC, and WAV)


Posted: December 6, 2008


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