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Support netradio by buying a SomaFM shirt

SomaFM independent internet radio

SomaFM streams electronic music on the Internet. They play good independently-produced tracks, but since they are a legitimate business they must pay heavy fees to the RIAA. SomaFM has been raising money since summer to cover their operating costs and they are still in debt.

As of November they have raised $36,000. They need to raise at least $39,500 by the end of December to balance the budget. Here is where we come into the picture.

Anyone who donates $50 to SomaFM and gets a SomaFM tshirt! They come in black, red (both cool!) and white shirts (not-so-cool) with the Soma FM logo lettering in red (or black on the red shirts).

Redhead showcasing the SomaFM t-shirt. Woman wearing the red SomaFM shirt A sleek hippie geek sporting the white SomaFM t-shirt


We have always and will continue to operate on a sustainable financial model with no outside investors or venture capitalists to answer to, allowing us to be truly independent internet radio. Making a great radio station that you can count on is more important to us than making money, not the other way around (like most other radio stations).

A Second Life virtual SomaFM t-shirt A DJ in his studio proudly supporting SomaFM Willowly blonde modeling the SomaFM t-shirt someplace with a palm tree Pink-haired hacker girl wearing a SomaFM shirt Receiving a facial wearing a SomaFM shirt

Order a T-shirt here.


Posted: December 1, 2008


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  1. renee says:

    i totally dig somaFM’s mission and style, but this seems to be a roundabout and somewhat misguided way to support the scene. instead of focusing resources and energy on web radio, which heavily features djs who do not make their own music, wouldn’t it be better to support artists directly by purchasing their tracks or albums? music production is a tedious and time consuming process, yet there is little capital in many electronic music scenes due to their small size and underground nature. as a result, very few psytrance producers are able to make a living off of making music full time; most have day jobs, or live like hobos. while web radio is an awesome way for artists to present their music to a wider audience – and soma gets points for paying royalties to its artists (though most, if not all, of that money goes to the label, not the artist) – i’d like to emphasize the importance of giving credit where credit is due. for those who are tight on cash (and most of us are during this prosperous recession) and must choose our investments wisely, we should prioritize our economical support for the source of those sonic treats over those who profit off of their distribution.

    • I agree — but I was mainly interested in the t-shirt itself for clothing’s sake.

      In terms of actually providing financial support, yes, sending money to the artists is the superior path.

      Note to artists: design and sell t-shirts so I can advertise them for you 😉

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