New Year’s 2009

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Unorthodox NYEThis new year holiday saw numerous successful psy parties and afterparties in Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan. With the exception of a noise complaint served at the free Psybotik afterparty (fortunate considering the nature of the space it occupied), the police did not repeat last year’s harassment against the community.

We chose repsychle‘s first attempt at a NYC NYE party, and were glad to see that the crowd was full despite the threat from an event of a local competing organizer.

Downstairs DecoRandom, Mubali, Luis, Brandon Adams, Daksi, and Spyros upstairs; Reality Engine, Kife, Tony Unorthodox (pictured above), O, Vitalik, and Andrey K downstairs. Deco was provided by a cluster of deco teams, including _____ ‘s psychedelic tapestries and string-art, environmental space shaping and geodesic deco by Nephil9, and visual projections by Gulliarme Clave.

Geo DecoPsybotik threw a free afterparty for the psyNY community starting about 6am that ran into Thursday afternoon.

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Posted: January 1, 2009


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