Mix: Railway to Faries’ Bay

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psylent harmony
The psylent harmony project has to do with a new approach on how different forms of expression or cultures can be combined harmonically and provide a smooth journey, a friendly globalisation.
1.Agalactia & Midival Punditz – Aatmatyaag
2.Heterogenesis – Abstraccion Subjectia
3.3 Wise Monkeys – It’s Gonna Rain
4.Gaudi – Babylon Flamenco
5.Majan – Explore It
6.Hallucinogen – L.S.D. (Closed String Mix)
7.Yudhisthira – Next Destination
8.Ghost – Architextures(Nano Rcds Demo)
9.Hol Baumann – Hours
10.Master Margherita – Derbouka
11.Organika – Rolling
12.OSC – Evolution
13.Kukan Dub Lagan – Spirit Of The Wind
14.Vibrasphere – Late Winter Rains



Download Railway to Fairies Bay (mp3)


    Posted: April 19, 2009


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