Shpongle in New York

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Fillmore Shpongle CrowdArcheDream Humankind Dancers
Simon Postford and Dancer

These photos were taken at the Shpongle show at the Fillmore on May 2nd 2009 by Dana of Sonic Beating. Simon Postford dropped some tasty tunes and some unreleased tracks that left the audience floored. Before the show Dana had the pleasure of meeting Glenn Weikert and the rest of Arche Dream Humankind (the dancers). They did a simply amazing job, costumes were top notch and their choreography was very animated and lively and complimented the Shpongle set very nicely.

Earlier on the same tour, Shpongle’s Simon Postford and Raja Ram discussed their winter trip through Russia, music, life, and metaphysics with their variously-intoxicated friends while in Moscow.


Posted: May 4, 2009


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