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This is the first iteration of an overview of the summer Psy (or Psy-friendly) festivals in North America. I figured that an all-in-one-place overview of upcoming events will help travelers adjust their schedules (and budgets) accordingly. Listed chronologically by month, with links to the lineups, the ongoing discussions, and photos from previous years — as I find them.

Additional information is always welcome, just drop me a line.


The first month of summer is best for truly beautiful days spent in the sun. Most of this month’s festivals center around the Summer Solstice, which happens to fall on the weekend this year.

June 15-17: Belden, CA

Gemini Festival

Gemini Festival Banner Psytrance

The time has come once again for the 10th anniversary of the legendary and much anticipated northern California underground outdoor music festival lovingly known as GEMINI. This amazing gathering is dedicated to unifying our bay area, USA, and international global music family.

Artists from all over the world and many nations have committed to creating an intentional community located in our own private town called Belden, 3.5hrs NE of San Francisco. We are taking over a whole resort, complete with resturant, bathrooms, showers and dance floor porta-potties.

This is a FREE gathering, (i.e. No Entrance or parking/camping Fee) which means it is what we all make it. To support this gathering please LEAVE NO TRACE and prepare to clean up after yourself and to urge your neighbors/friends to do the same… Please carpool to save room for camping and for the environment. =) We are calling out to any and all participants who would like to help create a sacred, mystical setting for us to experience true freedom and bliss.

Please welcome all the new family members that are traveling from across the world to present their music and artistic creations for us enjoy. The new energy is going to be very welcome on the dance floor. This is going to be something a very unique and special gathering. We proudly present 2 stages of different music for your dancing and listening pleasure, a trance stage and a fully stocked chill area. Get ready to have a great time and collectively transform this town into a PSYCHEDELIC CITY.

June 15-17: Ashland, OR

Thanks to Kyma for this one.



Emrg+N+See is Oregon’s premier outdoor, underground, visionary summer festival! Experience three days & nights of cutting-edge electronic & live music, stunning art, transformational workshops, and more wonderful people than you’ll meet in a lifetime! Join Us! Emrg+N+See is elated to annouce the confirmation of Oracle Gatherings and Native State & Interchill Records at this year’s event! Each crew is bringing a massive contribution of talent and treats!

June 21-24: Four Quarters, PA
Gaian Mind

Gaian Mind Festival Banner

Join us for four days and three nights of Transcendental Dance in the open air for a magical event which has quickly become an annual summer tradition for the global Trance Tribes! Now in its sixth year, the Gaian Mind Summer Festival has hosted world-class international talent from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, plus the finest regional talent in the USA, becoming a destination for hundreds of dancers from all over the world. The gathering includes a full weekend of spiritual dancing, tribal drumming, lectures and workshops, yoga, sweat lodge, swimming, relaxation, and much more in a sacred, sylvan sanctuary that only Four Quarters can provide.



June 22-24: Salem, Oregon
Contact Festival


The Contact Festival is a three day, outdoor, multi-genre electronic music festival on the summer solstice featuring three music areas, camping, and a beautiful location in the Oregon forest. The summer solstice is a very special time of year, the time when the veils between worlds are temporarily parted, allowing us to make contact with hidden dimensions within ourselves, between each other and beyond our planet. Located in Salem, Oregon, Contact will be happening on luscious ferngully-esque land. This land is over 100 acres of lush deep old growth trees covered with moss, deep soft grasses to tickle your toes, and a sweet burbling creek accompanied by two large ponds for swimming. Only 40 miles south of Portland, the property is easy to navigate to, won’t damage your mode of transportation, and close enough to town to stop at the bank or grocery store on your way to Contact.


June 22-25: Cherryville, BC, Canada
Entheos Gathering

From June 22nd to 25th, 2007, the Entheos Summer Solstice Conference and Festival will be held near the scenic Okanagan town of Cherryville, British Columbia. Entheos will be a showcase of the latest in intelligent electronic music, visionary art, and digital age information. This festival will appeal especially to those who appreciate technology, intellectual exchange, cooperation, consciousness, and an optimistic view of the future. The word Entheos is Greek for the divine within.

Two stages will feature a variety of flavours of carefully selected new electronic music as well as professional level visual projections and decor design. The lineup includes several internationally known artists including headliner Human Blue from Sweden and representation from cutting edge artistic communities from the West Coast and beyond.

Daytime conference presentations include topics related to new media, cultural evolution, the power of shared intent, shamanic dance, and how sound frequencies can invoke biologically beneficial brain and body states. The proceedings are more than just lectures and are designed to provide an energetic experience to all participants.

Entheos has been consciously created with environmental concerns in mind, including attention to the gathering’s impact on the land and the intelligent generation and conservation of energy resources towards future sustainability. The festival site was selected for its vibrant natural surroundings and features campsites, naturally clean drinking water, and a flowing river.

Tickets are $100 advance or $150 at the gate for four days and three nights of learning, collaboration, and celebration. It is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance as capacity is limited. Bus transportation is available from Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, and Seattle/Bellingham. The Entheos Gatherings are put together by the Entheogenetic Label Group based on BC’s Sunshine Coast.


June 29 – July 1
Red Marines

I never thought I would say this, but the Iraqi War has brought at least one positive change in the world: the Red Marines festival. Two veterans, brothers, returned from combat and started an annual campout with family and friends to celebrate what they felt was truly important in life; a few years has seen their intimate event shared with the psychedelic trance community at large. And, I really get a kick out of the subverted Marine Corps type.

Donations gathered at this festival go to the local VA hospital.

We are delighted to present you the 4th annual Red Marines Festival. While Mother Nature provided the most spectacular site for camping and water joys, we present you a mind-crashing line-up of great music artists. Bring yourself there and live this time like you never lived before. We brought together 12 exciting bands, each representing a unique and original style. The festival’s live band headliner, Estradasphere will blow your mind, like it did ours. Digitalist is coming all the way from Switzerland to play at the Red Marines Festival. Besides our modest music line-up 🙂 enjoy sun bathing, swimming, jet skiing, dancing, partying and all your essential pleasures…



Midsummer is high festival season. If one had enough funds one could conceivably dance around the world in 30 days. The more humble among us will have to choose one or two gatherings closer to home.

July 05-09: Vermont

This is not a psychedelic trance per se, but rather a TAZ in the classic sense. That means that trancers bring the psy with them and play it in their camps for all to enjoy. There is no organizer or professional promoters here, just people building their enjoyment with their hands, hearts & minds.

Firefly Arts Collective

Firefly is a participatory arts and music gathering in the woods of Vermont. Express your creativity and explore new possibilities through this experience of temporary community. Firefly operates on a strictly non-profit, participant-driven basis. Firefly is created entirely by YOU, the participant, with your creative talents and volunteered time. This will be our fifth New England burn! Please read the Event Guide for more information and check out the recent Newsletter for the latest announcements.


July 6-9, Quebec, Canada
Space Gathering

Thanks to Basilisk for the heads-up on this event mixing psy and reggae.

Space Gathering Festival


July 12-15: Alberta, Canada
Motion Notion

Motion Notion’s open atmosphere encourages people to become more in touch with themselves, others, and the Earth by experiencing mind-expanding music & art in a very natural environment. “Motions in dance, progressions in our lives, and flux of the universe are all related. Movement is the essence of the universe, so the notion is that movement is existence.We can find clarity by understanding change and movement. Motion Notion encompasses a diverse variety of musical genres so as to encourage spiritual growth (and ass-shaking) through the transition and building upon different styles over time.

Expect to hear house, progressive, breakbeat, drum & bass, tribal, ambient, electro, techno, trance, psytrance, world, percussion, acid-jazz, downtempo, funk, rock, hip-hop, glitch, minimal, and experimental strains of electronically-influenced music.


July 13-15: Echo Lake, NY
ORB Festival

This brand-new festival is making North American trance history with an enormous lineup stretched over 5 days. This one rivals most European psy festivals in scope and vision. The only question is whether the brothers Alladin have the organizational skills to match their formidable business acumen.

After four years of producing parties in NYC with the best trance artists on the globe, we feel that the time has come to go outdoors, for a well planned and highly produced 3 day festival, featuring over 50 of the best trance artists with three outdoor stages and 80K sound systems!!! This bigger than ever nature gathering will take place in Echo Lake, a beautiful resort, three hours away from Manhattan in upstate NY. This is an incredible venue, which has hosted numerous musical festivals over the years. This amazing lake surrounded by a magical forest has plenty of parking space, well maintained camping site and economy cabins available for rental. Situated around a secluded spring-fed lake in the midst of a pine forest. Come and experience the purity of nature and the divine psychedelic waves of sounds floating around the lake, creating an amazing cosmic energy that brings people together.


July 20-22: Seattle, Washington
Return of the Dragonfly

Return of the Dragonfly 2007 Banner

Molecular (formerly known as Environmental Structures) is planning Seattle’s first psytrance festival.

July 25-30: Ozark Mountains, Arkansas
AUM Festival

AUM Festival

Another first-year festival, this one the most idealistic of them all. AUM is centrally-located on the continent in the vision of a place where all the tribes can convene. It is a non-profit event; all proceeds will go towards next year’s gathering.

The AUM Festival will establish a safe gathering space that facilitates the exploration of consciousness and connectedness through inspired, underground, psychedelic trance music and culture. The psytrance community of North America has grown rapidly in recent years, and yet because of its geography, the different aspects of it remain isolated. Now is the time to come together to celebrate all that binds together as one community; our commonalities and differences; our shared passions and our unique visions. It’s time for us to dance and celebrate together. The 2007 AUM Festival will be located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Northwest Arkansas, bordering Missouri. High in the ridges, cliffs and crystal encrusted township of Eureka Springs the venue has a lot to offer.

On 143 acres of hilly ridge top property there are onsite bathrooms, showers, an outdoor amphitheatre, a covered main stage, a covered pavilion suitable for serving meals, electrical hookups in many of the campsites and hiking trails (one leads to a cave that can be safely explored).
There is a stream running through the property in the valley suitable for a cool rinse after dancing and just a short drive (7 miles) will get you to crystal clear Beaver Lake for swimming, canoeing and cliff jumping.


July 27-30: Montreal, Canada

After having celebrated Eclipse north of the Laurentians for the last two years, Tech Safari is proud to present Eclipse 2007 in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. The festival will now be held on the picturesque green spaces of Saint-Sylvestre, at Mont-Radar’s (Mont Ste-Marguerite) Eco-village. The new and enchanting site is situated approximatly 2h30 from Montreal and 40 minutes from Quebec City. Tech Safari and Sumkidz (Om Festival), are proud to present the 7th Edition of Eclipse: Summer Electronic Music Festival! For this full moon weekend and a midst the forest, international artists, musicians, circus performers, electronic and acoustic music, workshops and participants from 4 corners of the world will unite.



Traditionally a time of rest and relaxation before the toil of Harvest begins. The hot lazy days are a bit rough in a tent, much more so in the desert, but in both cases the nights are perfect for dancing.

August 8-13: Salmo, BC, Canada
Shambala Music Festival

A concept, born in 1998 as an end of summer celebration, is now creating an international stir. An independent, family owned festival focused on a fusion of nature’s beauty and modern technology, it won its reputation and loyal attendance exclusively through word of mouth promotion. Using the message as the medium, the website and forum united the Shambhala community and spread the word. Shambhala is an event created for the people by the people, a vibrant collective drawn from a palette of vivid diversity. The various branches of Shambhala’s dedicated community work tirelessly, constructing every stage and area of interest in the months leading up to opening day.

The fruits of their labour are six originally-themed stages built to showcase world-class DJ’s, bands, MC’s, and other live entertainment. Strategically placed in ideal locales throughout the beach and the forest, the stages are artfully connected by a series of magical trails and boardwalks with dazzling visual effects leading the way. The stages draw on state-of-the-art sound technology combined with awe-inspiring visuals including lasers and film that generate a multimedia Mecca. This flyer is your road map, your event guide, your memento of an unforgettable and magical experience. Much expanded structurally and technologically, Shambhala welcomed an audience of 10,000 in 2005.

Despite the numbers, Shambhala remains at heart an intimate occasion. Artistic and musical talent, imaginative costumes and remarkable individuals fuel the vibe of Shambhala, sowing the seeds of inspiration in a safe haven where nature and artistic expression entwine. Shambhala is a revolution in its own right with a complex simplicity that draws back thousands of devoted fans each year and reaches out to new ones. Shambhala is a journey, an adventure, a life altering experience, and not least, a place to just let loose and dance, dance, dance.

After four ecstatic nights and five dreamy days, the show winds down. The time comes to put aside the enchantment and depart the magical realm for the hustle and bustle of that other life. Despite sad faces and reluctant partings, there is a sense of purpose, of peacefulness and accomplishment…of satisfaction…and of plans to return. These five days of Shambhala are the days you wait for the other 360!

August 10-12: Deerfields, North Carolina
World Bridge 2

World Bridge 2




August 17-19: Quebec, Canada
Moon Dance

Moon Dance Psytrance Festival Flyer



August 27 – September 3: Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Burning Man

This of course is North America’s primary counter-cultural pilgrimage. Burning Man is the 7-day event in the Nevada desert. Psychedelic trance music is not a strong tradition at this otherwise incredible event; one might even say that Burners are antagonistic to it. The sheer size and spectacle of the TAZ that is Black Rock City make it a destination for the psychedelic traveler anyway.

This year our art theme will express the immanence of nature in our lives in a variety of ways. The Burning Man will stand atop a structure that resembles green mountain peak. Nestled at its base, will be the Green Man Pavilion, 30,000 square feet of shaded exhibition space for the display of interactive artistic, scientific and educational models, a “World’s Fair” of emerging technologies. Artists and inventors are invited to contribute. This pavilion will be surrounded by the “Mangrove” made from simulated ‘trees’ fashioned from recycled industrial materials. These artificial trees will not be burned: they will survive to subdivide the blue of other skies… …Burning Man’s participants take pride in being individuals. They strive to radically express themselves. Yet we are also interdependent members of a complex and emergent culture. Our culture has the power to extend itself and to create — sans any conscious plan — completely unanticipated forms of human connection. As creators and as members of a culture, we are each a vital part of this phenomenal process. Already, its expansion is occurring at a rate of natural increase, sprouting up in niches and environments that Burning Man’s society provides around the globe. The time has come to bring the Green Man home. As always, any work of art, regardless of our theme, is welcome at our event. If you are planning to do fire art or wish to install a work of art on the open playa, please see our Art Guidelines for more information.



The last months of summer turn our thoughts to the changes coming ahead. Autumn approaches. The heat retreats to the South and West, and ambitious trancers will find the pockets of warmth in which to dance.

Sept. 20-24: Northern California

Symbiosis Gathering is a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an unparalleled extravaganza of fun under the Northern California skies. The Gathering aims to create an experience that is transformative and inspiring, based in a deep respect for our community and environment. We seek to provide a space for the fusion of aesthetics, sound, and natural living, in an atmosphere of interactive co-creation.

September 21-23: near Asheville, North Carolina



The Fourth Annual T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi Arts and Music Festival
Friday-Sunday September 21-23, 2007
Deerfields, Near Asheville, NC

Very Special Guest!
(Timecode Records, South Africa)

Bioluminescence LIVE! (Pangea, Greenville SC)
Wichdokta (Phoenix Family, CA)
KarmakaniK & Eg-bot (Gaian Mind, Philly)
Aktif & Collision (Mindoutpsyde, Iowa)
Megan (Goahead, Cleveland)

TOUCH Samadhi Family:
Shapestatic LIVE! (Asheville)
Medimonks LIVE! (Asheville)
Dragon LIVE! (Mississippi)
Psyonic (Knoxville)
Derby (Chicago)
SOT (Chicago)
KT (Chicago)
Coral (NYC)
Psyonic (Knoxville)
Paramnesia (Kentucky)
Force Majeure (Austin)


Malachi (Goahead, Cleveland)
Orbicles (Gaian Mind, Philly)
Icycoil (Independent, NC)
Dan Covan (NYC)
Quetzatl LIVE! (Radical Turf, Asheville)
Chillroom Slut LIVE! (Asheville)
LOGOS (IcreateIam.com, Asheville)
Creatrix (IcreateIam.com, Asheville)
Starcharmer (Asheville)

TOUCH Samadhi Family:
BSM (Interchill, Asheville)
Coral (NYC)
SOT (Chicago)
Shad (Nashville)
NOD (Asheville)
OSO (Asheville)
KRI (Asheville)
Iduna (Asheville)
Medisin (Asheville)

more info to come!

Mainstage Sound by Projekt 7
Projections by VJ Illume, (http://DijjitalAmbience.com ) & VJ Cathexis (
http://danielraphael.info/ )
Psyoptic Mindstimuli by DEVOTEE
Chillspace by ZOOB!
Fire performances by UNIFIRE
Flyer design by Serena

Workshops, Lectures, Vending, Camping, Swimming, Hiking, Dancing!

more info to come!

Ins/Outs is highly discouraged and reserved for emergencies.
BRING YOUR OWN WATER, 2 gallons a day is suggested.
what else to bring:
flashlights, floats for the lakes, mtn. bikes…
Fires will only be allowed in designated fire circles.
NO DOGS !!!!! You will not be allowed in.

Pirate sound-systems are not allowed!

Gate opens Friday at Noon!
18 and up!
kids under 14 are loved, cherished
and free with guardian!

Only 40 First Round Tickets are available for only $40! damn!
get ’em while they’re hot!!!!

Pre-registered by September 8: $50
at the Gate: $60
full name of attendees required with registration
pay with paypal.com: touchsamadhireunion@gmail.com
info: reunion@touchsamadhi.com
location: http://www.deerfields.com
main website: http://www.touchsamadhi.com

interested Vendors contact: vendors@touchsamadhi.com

With that, the Psy season ends. If you have any money left in your bank account, congratulations! It is now time to start saving up for next summer.